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Faith Worth Standing For

Jun 11, 2017 by: Kevin Deyette| Series: 1 Peter

Title: Faith Worth Standing For
Text: 1 Peter 1:3-12


  • Religion: We’re good, God owes us
  • Gospel: We’re evil, God has mercy and loves us- so we owe Him

Faith Worth Standing For:

  1. Built on Living Hope
    "Life in concentration camps tears open a soul and exposes it’s depths and foundations.”  -Victor Frankl
    -Trials expose where our hope lies.  
    -Biblical hope = Complete Confidence
    What if you saw your life through the lens of the cross and the resurrection?
  2. Trials are designed to deepen our trust and faith
      -Trials expose where we are’t really trusting God
      -The goal of our faith is salvation of our souls at the return of Christ
  3. The Gospel is Glorious
    What if you based your understanding of God’s love on the cross instead of your circumstance?