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The Wife's Calling

Jul 23, 2017 by: Kevin Deyette| Series: 1 Peter

“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; It has been found difficult and left untried.”  G.K. Chesterton

1. To serve someone else; To put someone else’s needs above your own.
2. An inner quality of gentleness that affirms the leadership of the husband.

Qualifications- Submission is not:
- Putting your husband in the place of God
- Giving up independent thought
- Giving in to your husband’s every wish
- Leaving a woman without recourse for abuse or infidelity

Submission is not a principle to adhere to, it’s a recognition of the One who compels us to submit in order to live lives of Godly obedience.

When follow their calling as wives:
1. They have greater influence (v1-2)
    - "Spiritual submission is God telling the woman to duck so HE can punch the man.”  -Tony Evans
2. They become more attractive (v3-4)  

The key to submission: To place your hope in God, not your husband.