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The Husband's Calling

Jul 31, 2017 by: Kevin Deyette| Series: 1 Peter

- Submission is not what women can or can’t do- but about what men are called to and not to do.  

The Husband’s Calling:
1. Be a student of your wife.  
    - Spiritual leadership isn’t a license to do what you want, it’s an empowerment to do what you ought.
    - "Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.” -Simone Signoret

2. Honor your wife.    
    - Treat her with preciousness

Consequence for husbands who fulfill their calling: unanswered prayers.  
    - “With great power comes great responsibility.”  - Uncle Ben (Spiderman)