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The Joy of Living a Dedicated Life

Dec 10, 2017 by: Jim Herring| Series: Nehemiah

Title: The Joy Of Living A Dedicated Life
Text: Nehemiah 11-12

Joy in a Dedicated life:

1) When people are willing to place God’s purposes above their own (11:1-2)
2) When people find fulfillment in people rather than tasks
3) When people’s greatest joy comes from serving God and His people (12:27, 43)
         -From a psychological perspective one cannot experience joy while being preoccupied with one’s own security, pleasure, or self interest. Freedom from inhibitions comes when one is caught up in something great enough to give meaning and purpose to all of life and to every relationship. God alone is the only adequate center for human existence, and He alone can enable us to experience life with joyous spontaneity and to relate to others with love. -C. Davis
4) When people are made clean before a holy God (12:30)
5) When people humbly unite together to accomplish the greatest good (12:31, 38, 40)
6) When people rejoice in taking care of the needs of others (12:44)