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Kingdom Living

Title: Kingdom Living
Text: Matthew 7:12-14


Living in the Kingdom of God:

  • Gotta deal with our anger.
  • Gotta deal with our lust
  • Love our enemies (vengeance is God’s).
  • Pray for God’s will, not just our own.
  • Gotta deal  with desire for materialism.
  • Invitation to live an anxiety free life.

Summary of Kingdom Living:
Treat others the way you would want to be treated (AKA Golden Rule).

Golden Rule:

  • Pro-active responses rather than emotional.
  • Requires an “it’s not about me” attitude.
  • Conforms our lives to God’s word.

Wide Gate:                                   Narrow Gate:
Inclusive                                      Exclusive
No need to change                        Repent and let God change you
Many ways to God                        Only one way (Jesus)
Easy path                                    Hard path
Countless people                          Often lonely
Tolerance and permissiveness       Boundaries for living
Fan of Jesus                                Follower of Jesus
Claims to way to God                   Way to God

The two paths are not an end of themselves, they both lead to specific destinations.

To enter the narrow gate:
Experience the over-whelming, never-ending, reckless love of God.