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Power of Words

Title: The Power of Words
Text: Proverbs 18:23


Bible Tree:

  • Power of Words (life):
    10:11; 10:21; 12:14; 16:13; 17:10; 20:15

  • Power of Words (destruction):
    10:14; 11:9; 11:11; 12:13; 14:23; 16:27-28; 20:20; 21:6

Changing your words can revolutionize yours (and others) life.

Destructive Words:

  • Impulsive words (12:18).
  • Gossip/ flattery (20:19; 29:5).
  • Words that create division (16:28).
  • Lying (6:16-19).
  • Talking too much (10:19).
  • Quarreling/ fighting (18:6)

Characteristics of life-giving words:

  • They are words of truth (27:5-6).
  • They are graceful words (12:18; 15:4).
  • They are encouraging words (10:11).

“You can call me a failure, idiot, evil, incompetent, dangerous, pathetic. These words aren’t just descriptive- the devil whispers these in my ears and has the power to make me these things. God speaks louder and His words are more powerful. As God speaks His words to me- He redefines my reality […] You can call me a liar, but God declares me righteous. So my lies and your insult are not the final, or most powerful word”- Martin Luther.

The gift of encouragement:

  • Helping others see what God sees in them.

Developing encouragement:

  • Notice the positive and communicate it.
  • Take notice of how they respond.

The Bible tells a story with words that change our hearts.