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Proverbs Panel Discussion

Title: Proverbs Panel Discussion


Marriage and Relationships:
1) Wives: What does submissive love to your husband look like? Husbands: What does sacrificial love to your wife look like?
2) When in conflict, what is your strategy for resolving your differences?
3) How do you respond when romantic feelings “ebb and flow”? How do you fan the flame?
4) How should a wife respond when she believes God has told her to do something, but her husband is not in agreement?
5) What wisdom can you give a wife and husband as they adjust to both individuals being retired?

1) What’s one thing you did raising your kids that you feel that you did right? What’s one thing you regret?
2) What practical family rhythms and rituals help parents teach faith and the gospel to our children in each stage: toddlers, elementary, teens?
3) How do you handle times when you don’t agree on how to parent your children?
4) How can I shepherd my adult children through their own poor decision making?
5) How do you handle parenting in a blended family?