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Distorting the Gospel

Title: Distorting the Gospel
Text: Galatians 1:6-10


Gospel Summary:
Jesus, God in the flesh, died in place of sinners because of His great love and rose from the grave offering eternal and abundant life to those who put their faith in Him.

Christians must fight to reject anything that distorts the simple grace and beauty of the true gospel.

Gospel: God saves and blesses as a free gift of grace, only received by faith. In response: we do good works.

Distorted Gospel: We do good works. In response- God saves us and blesses us.

How we commonly distort the gospel: pretending and performing.

Imagining we are better than we really are.
Example: Dishonesty, comparison, excuses, and false righteousness.

Trying to earn God’s approval.

What do you count on to give you a sense of personal credibility, acceptance, or good standing?

                         False Righteousness:
Job righteousness                       Church righteousness
Family righteousness                  Legalistic Righteousness
Intellectual Righteousness           Political Righteousness
Mercy Righteousness                  Tolerance righteousness

As God thinks of you right now, what is the look on His face?