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New Resume

Title: New Resume
Text: Romans 3:10-18; 21-25


Gospel Summary:
Jesus, God in the flesh, fulfilling Scripture died in place of sinners because of his great love and rose from the grave offering eternal and abundant life to those who put their faith in him.

We are saved from the penalty of sin because of an accomplished event- Jesus’ life and death.

The Bad news:
Your resume will never be good enough for God’s approval.

“Sin is the elevation of anything other than God to ultimate”-Matt Chandler.

The Good News:
    -Jesus had a perfect resume.
    -Jesus paid our debt for sin.
    -Jesus trades His perfect resume for our insufficient resume.
Your standing with God and identity isn’t dependent on what you have, or haven’t done- it’s based on an accomplished event- what Jesus has done.

Even though you are saved by what Jesus has done- are you now building your identity on what He’s done, or what you’ve done, or are doing?

Recognizing a wrong resume:
1) God’s blessing is dependent on my obedience.
2) I’m unworthy of God’s blessing because of my sin.
    Imposter syndrome: Despite my accomplishments, I feel like a phony, I’m not smart or capable enough.

1) My identity is based on what I do.
2) I feel the need to prove myself to God and others because my acceptance is based on my performance. I am constantly under pressure
3) I have to pretend that I am better than I really am. I have to hide my faults and failures because every sin condemns me.

1) My identity is based on what God has done for me in Jesus.
2) I don’t have to prove myself to God, or others, because my acceptance is based on Jesus’ performance. The pressure is off.
3) I am free to be myself with all of my faults and failures. I don’t have to hide because all of my sin is forgiven sin.

What difference would it make in your life if you were absolutely convinced that God accepted you just as you are?